Stanford G. Mukasa – Zimbabwe

He is Professor of Journalism – Indiana University of Pennsylvania USA), Senior journalist and news editor of The Chronicle (Zimbabwe).

Read his today’s article: Mugabe has planted the seeds of mass protest in Zimbabwe on Africa database-people.

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Stanford G. Mukasa – Zimbabwe

Read his (not dated) article: Press and Politics in Zimbabwe.

Bio: Dr. Mukasa was for four years a senior journalist and news editor of The Chronicle, a daily newspaper in Zimbabwe. He also covered the war between government troops and rebels in western Zimbabwe. During his post doctoral program at Ohio State University, Dr. Mukasa conducted a survey research on the role of the new information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the productive capacities of low-income farmers in eastern and southern Ohio. He co-authored with Professor Lee Becker of Ohio State University a research report on Africa’s information and communication education resources and needs. Prior to joining IUP, Dr. Mukasa was visiting assistant professor of communications at Bethany College, West Virginia.

He has presented papers at seminars and conferences in Africa, Canada and the United States and has published a number of articles on international communications as well as the social implications of information and communication technologies. In summer of 1992 he was one of 35 professors selected to attend a seminar on C-SPAN in the classroom held in Washington, D.C. Dr. Mukasa developed for the World Bank a policy paper on an information strategy for promoting environmentally sustainable development in sub Sahara Africa. He is a founder member of the Southern African Development, Culture and Communication Network (SADECCON) a consortium of academics and researchers on information and communication technologies and the Internet and their implications to southern Africa. He teaches Research Methods in Journalism; World News Coverage; Journalism and Mass Media; Writing for the Print Media; Journalistic Writing; News Reporting; Community Journalism, Editing; Issues and Problems; Public Opinion and the News Media and History of the American Press. (Read on College of Humanities and Social Sciences CHSS).

Read his article on Radio Africa, of October 4, 2005: Zimbabwe’s Dictator is Sending One of His Thugs to the U.S.

Letter from America (TRANSCRIPT) by Dr Stanford Mukasa, SW Radio Africa, May 09, 2005: Dr. Stan Mukasa argues that Zimbabweans in urban areas should mobilize a massive protest movement similar to the Mass Democratic Movement in apartheid South Africa in order to make Zimbabwe ungovernable. Last week some of the Zimbabweans living in the United Kingdom were allowed to vote in the British general elections. These Zimbabweans were pleasantly surprised to see how easy voting was. You needed to provide proof that you were eligible to vote. You were given your ballot paper. You went into a ballot box and voted. According to one Zimbabwean who voted, the entire process took about three minutes. There were no militia thugs, no ruling party officials, no chiefs or police intimidating people. People’s rights to vote in peace and security were adequately guaranteed. The counting of votes was done without coercion from the ruling Labor Party government officials. There was no secret committee of Blair’s cronies miscounting votes in order to favor the ruling party. The process was smooth, uneventful, democratic, civilized, very routine, civil, peaceful and voter friendly. No one was killed or injured by members of the ruling party or marauding Chinotimbas. The entire election was overseen by the Electoral Commission which is an independent bureaucracy that favors no one. In a remarkable contrast, these same Zimbabweans who voted in the United Kingdom had been denied their right to vote in the March 30 elections in Zimbabwe. The period leading to the elections in Zimbabwe was marked by threats and intimidation of voters by Mugabe’s thugs. Vote counting was done in secret by the military and Mugabe’s cronies. What was officially announced was not the result of the elections but what the secret committee wanted. After the elections ZANUPF thugs continue to hunt, harass, torture and even kill opposition supporters. Imagine that! Here is the so called winner of the election victimizing the losers! … (Read the whole on and click on Mukasa Stanford).


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