Thavrin THONG – Cambodia

Linked with NGO Forum on Cambodia, with The Khmer Rouge next at Trial, with DCA DanChurchAid Cambodia – the right to food, and with Boua Chanthou – Cambodia.

She received in 2000 the Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life, see on WWSF, the Laureates of the Women’s World Summit Foundation, Switzerland, see also their Homepage.

Thong Thavrin works with Aphiwar Srei, in Battambang, which provides psycholgical and social support through home visits, and of which she is the Director.
Phone: 012-694-390, e-mail. See Independent Journalism Foundation IJF.

Aphiwar Srei is supported by KHANA and the Frontiers Prevention Project.

She participated in the following events:

More informations and a photo may follow.

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Added on June 17, 2007: sorry my request for a photo at the WWSF has given no result (see also my comment ‘Brave women without photos‘).

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