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She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

She says: “My true desire is to live in such a way as to feel proud of having accomplished my duty to my people and my children”.Nino Burjanadze played an important role in the Rose Revolution.

She recalls: “One of the most remarkable and unforgettable episodes of my life, perhaps, will be the memory of our entry into the building of Parliament during the Rose Revolution, where the representatives of the government party were declaring themselves winners of the rigged elections of 2 November 2003 and were preparing for the plenary session. It was a crossroad between the old and the new. It was the end of the past, of the economically weak and disintegrated Georgia and the starting point for building a strong, united and European country. The drive, motivation, unanimity and determination of thousands of people participating in the meeting was really amazing”. (See in the text on 1000peacewomen).

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Nino Burjanadze – Georgia

She works for the Parliament of Georgia.

Read: The Company “British Petroleum” has temporarily suspended the transportation of oil via Baku-Supsa pipeline. (The Georgian Times, Nov. 10, 2006).

Nino Burjanadze is the Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia. A well-known scholar, lawyer, and human rights protector, she was the first woman in Georgia to become a speaker of parliament. For many years before that, she led human rights and law commissions at the national and international level. Nino Burjanadze is famous as a leader and an example of peaceful conflict resolution during the Rose Revolution in 2003, the most important moment in developing and modernizing Georgia.

Nino Burjanadze is an example of peaceful conflict resolution, which she showed during the Rose Revolution in Georgia. Born on 16 July 1964 in Kutaisi, Georgia, she graduated from Tbilisi State University, Department of Law with honors in 1986, and entered Moscow Lomonosov State University as a PhD student in the Department of International Law. In 1990 she defended a dissertation “On problematic issues of International Organizations and International Naval Law” and obtained her PhD in Law. Since 1991, she has been Professor at the International Relations and International Law Department of Tbilisi State University. She also entered politics in 1991 and has held many positions in the Government of Georgia.

After the Rose Revolution she became the acting president of Georgia before the presidential elections. In 2004, she was elected as Speaker of the Parliament. She has always worked for democratic reforms and for Georgia’s becoming part of the European Union. She considers that serving people is a privilege that one should deserve. “The Parliament should be a representative body at all times; we must always keep in mind and understand that we represent tens of thousands of people who trust us,” says Burjanadze. In the Parliament of Georgia, she plays a decisive role in building the democratic State through adoption of legislation and implementation of parliamentary control over the adopted legislation. She is responsible for the management of 235 MPs with independent and often different political opinions, finding compromises, regulating political debates, cooperating with the executive power and implementing parliamentary control, all of which requires diplomacy and a strongly principled character.

The Georgian parliament has succeeded in assuring the international community that Georgia respects international obligations and is capable of developing the devastated country with the assistance of friends and the international community. It is tackling the problems of corruption and lawlessness. Among all her duties, Burjanadze gives a lot of time to communication with voters, people with different needs and problems. But above all, she is working to develop democracy and peace in her country, the same goals she had as young graduate student and now as a famous woman from Georgia who is participating very actively in bringing about high priority changes in the country. “I hope that Georgia in the nearest future will be able to settle the problem of the “frozen conflicts,” restore the territorial integrity, that the 300,000 internally displace persons (IDPs) will be able to return to their places of origin and that Georgia will take up a dignified place into the world community,” Nino Burjanadze has declared.

An author of more than 20 articles written in Georgian, English and Russian on international law and international relations, Nino Burjanadze has also published a book on new types of legal problems of international organizations. She has held the following positions in Government:

  • 1991-1992: expert consultant at the Ministry of Environmental Protection;
  • 1992-1995: expert consultant at the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Parliament;
  • Since 1995: twice elected as a member of the Parliament;
  • 1995 to 1998: Deputy Chair of the Committee on Constitutional, Legal Affairs and Rule of Law. From 1998 to 1999, she was the chairperson of the Committee;
  • 1995-1998: Chairperson of the Permanent Parliamentary Delegation to the United Kingdom;
  • 1999-2000 co-chair of the European Union-Georgian Parliamentary cooperation committee;
  • 2000-2001: Chairperson of the Committee on Foreign Relations;
  • In 1998-2000: Rapporteur of the General Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues of the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly (Osce PA);
  • 2001-2002: President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation;
  • Since 2000: Vice-President of the OSCE PA;
  • In 2003: Nino Burjanadze became Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia.

(Read all on 1000peacewomen).

Read: Nino Burjanadze, Parliamentary Chairperson, excluded that Georgia will sell its assets, including the gas pipeline to Russia’s Gazprom under any conditions. (The Georgian Times).

Excerpt: … She is a jurist and politician. (Her surname is also occasionally transliterated in English as Burdzhanadze or Burdjanadze; it is rendered in Dutch as Boerdzjanadze and German as Burdschanadse.) She is currently serving as the Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia. Burjanadze’s father is Anzor Burjanadze. She graduated in 1986 from the Faculty of Law of the Tbilisi State University (TSU) and studied at the Moscow State University in 1986-89. She graduated with a doctorate in International Law in 1990. Since 1991 she has been an Associate Professor of the Faculty of International Law of the Tbilisi State University. She is seen as pro-Western and has said that she wants Georgia to join theEuropean Union and NATO as soon as possible. [citation needed] . (See all and more on wikipedia).

MPs to consider draft resolution on quitting Commonwealth of Independent States CIS – A draft resolution over ‘the withdrawal of Georgia from the CIS’, proposed by the faction the Democratic Front, will be considered at the session. Reportedly, the Parliamentary majority’s position referring the issue is the following: a political decision on quitting the CIS was made, but when it will be implemented depends on minimizing risks to the population’s well-being; they think that such a step will more strain the Russian-Georgian relations. According to opposition factions, Georgia is not achieving anything by the membership of such inactive organization. (See on The Georgian Times, 2006.11.10 15:05, Rustavi 2).


Parliament to Discuss Resolution on Quitting CIS;


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