Tatiana Chertoritskaya – Russian Federation

She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

She says: “Why are resolutions in favor of peace, so very obvious for every mother, not adopted by the majority power-wielding men?”.

She says also: “More than 40% of small businesses in Russia today are run by women … The numbers of women in management positions in business are growing, while numbers of men are stagnating. But our research shows women’s salaries remain lower; on average women earn 63% of what men earn”. (See on CSmonitor).

And she says: “We have a few women celebrities, who dominate TV talks shows, but there is still no real women’smovement in Russia. That must grow from below, not be imposed from above”. (See on UStoday).

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Tatiana Chertoritskaya – Russian Federation

She works for the Sotsyal-Democratichiesky Kongress Zhenshchin (Sdkz), and
the Institute of Social Sciences Russian Union of Writers.

Tatiana Chertoritskaya was born 1948. She holds a PhD in philology and is both a well-known scientist and a specialist in the traditions of the Old Believers (a schismatic group of the Russian Orthodox Church). She is deputy of the Russian State Duma, and has worked in various federal bodies. In 2002 she founded and headed the women’s NGO Sotsyal-Democratichiesky Kongress Zhenshchin (Sdkz) (”Women’s Social-Democratic Congress”), which now has 55 regional offices. Tatiana focuses her efforts on fighting for gender equality, peace, and building civil society. (Read all on 1000peacewomen).

Tatiana Chertoritskaya, presidente del partito socialista democratico della Russia, dirigente del ministero degli Affari esteri di Mosca e candidata al Nobel per la Pace nel 2005, incontra mercoledì 12 luglio la Commissione regionale per le Pari opportunità, alle ore 17 in via Magenta 17 a Torino, per illustrare il suo incarico di realizzare in Paesi stranieri, primo fra tutti l’Italia, una rete di “Case russe delle donne” ed ascoltare la descrizione dell’attività della Commissione Pari opportunità della Regione Piemonte, esperienza che intende riproporre nella realtà russa. La permanenza a Torino di Tatiana Chertoritskaya è iniziata lunedì, quando è intervenute alla tavola rotonda “Più donne per contare di più”, organizzato dall’assessorato alle Pari opportunità della Regione Piemonte presso il centro congressi del Lingotto di Torino. Martedì ha incontrato Mercedes Bresso, presidente della Regione Piemonte, Davide Gariglio, presidente del Consiglio regionale, e Giovanni Caracciolo, assessore regionale al Commercio. Torino, 11/7/2006. (See more on Piemonte Informa).


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