Mark Baimbridge – England

Linked with Labour Market Flexibility and Foreign Direct Investment, and with The Bank that rules Europe? The ECB and Central Bank Independence.

Book Review: Britain & the EU, Alternative Futures, by Mark Baimbridge, Brian Burkitt & Philip Whyman (April 2005): This timely contribution to the growing debate in Britain and across Europe on the need for fundamental change in how European countries work together in the 21st century provides a groundbreaking analysis of the economic and democratic effect that EU membership has had on Britain. Published by the CIB, this important new book offers not only a concise examination of the costs of EU membership but also a well reasoned study of alternative relationships Britain, perhaps together with other European countries, could more beneficially forge in the future. Options scrutinised include a defence of the status quo through to various renegotiations of membership and options for withdrawal. (Read more on

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Mark Baimbridge – England

Book Review: ‘Implications of the Euro – A Critical Perspective from the Left’, Mark Baimbridge, Brian Burkitt, Philip Whyman – … critical analysis of the EMU project has largely been advanced from the centre-right spectrum of British politics.

Comparable questions from the centre-left have failed to find a coherent voice. Although, the European fault-line cannot be characterized as a neat Left-Right issue there are noticeable divisions in opinion across British business, the trade union movement and within the Labour Party. Offering a unique insight into this key debate from the ‘centre-left’, eurosceptic view point, this book provides a rigorous analysis of all the salient economic and political issues of concern, such as:

  • the economics of a single currency
  • employment and social implications
  • sovereignty
  • political determination.

The arguments presented in this volume highlight the emergence of a coherent alternative to deepening economic integration as a platform to build a just and equitable society. Contributions are drawn from leading academics, trade union leaders and prominent politicians, both from the Labour Party and the wider progressive Left in British politics. This informative and thought provoking book will be indispensable reading for students and practitioners in economics, politics and international relations, as well as those interested in this highly contentious topic. (on Routledge).

Read: The Bank that rules Europe? The ECB and Central Bank Independence.

Britain and the European Union (Alternative Futures), by Mark Baimbridge, Brian Burkitt, Philip Whyman.

Main Research Interests are Economics: economics of the European Union, sports economics; and intra-political activity.

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Mark Baimbridge also presented a European Research Seminar on the turnout at 2004 European parliamentary election in the EU’s new member states.

And 4 books as co-autor: Impact of the Euro, Current Economic Issues in the EU Integration, Eurosceptical Reader 2, 1999 Elections to the European Parliament.


Financial Liberalization and Investment in Turkey;


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