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Linked with The War on Iraq and the Occupation, and with ECONOMIC JUSTICE.

She is a Green Party MEP (Member f the European Parliament), representing the UK’s South East region. She is also an Advisory Board Member of the ‘Protect the Local, Globally’ think-tank. She is a tireless environmental campaigner and has written extensively on trade issues, globalization, the aviation industry, nuclear disarmament and GM. Caroline Lucas talks about the energy options confronting us. She discusses her preference for clean renewable energy and why she thinks nuclear power has little future. She remarks on the many win-win policies that could precipitate a rapid shift towards efficient and sustainable energy supply, but acknowledges a lack in the political required to bring this change about. She talks about the new production and consumption patterns that need to be encouraged, expressing doubt that economic growth can be sustained globally at 3% per annum. (Listen to her 6 minutes video on Big-Picture, recorded in December 2004).

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Caroline Lucas – England

Her work – both within the Parliament and in her constituency – includes peace and human rights, international trade and development, transport, planning and health issues and animal welfare. Caroline has also recently worked on the campaign against aviation expansion, worked with farmers affected by the Foot and Mouth crisis,
and campaigned against GMOs and in support of local food markets in the South-East. She is currently fighting against the GATS as a part of her work on globalisation/ localisation. See also her Homepage.

News around Caroline Lucas:

A New System To Regulate Use Of Chemicals, 17 Dec 2006 on A new system named REACH: Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals, has shifted the burden or responsibility of handling safe chemicals to the manufacturers. A Medindia on Presence of Pesticides and Metals in Fruits and Vegetable
The Registration Committee constituted under Section 5 of the Insecticides Act, 1968 registers pesticides only after satisfying itself regarding their efficacy and safety.

Greens: Trident replacement would breach NPT, 04 Dec 2006.

WAR DEMO, 3 December 2006, By Tom Carlin – ANTI-WAR protesters yesterday demanded our troops in Iraq be brought home for Christmas. (Read her speeches on The Guardian.

Read: Pre-Budget dismissed as ‘greenwash’, published December 07, 2006.

As a Green Party MEP, Caroline Lucas prioritises the needs of people and planet over the interests of governments and big business – and that means defending human rights and working for peace and security. Caroline Lucas has marched for peace and played prominent roles in direct action for peace and human rights. She has been one of the leading lights of the UK’s anti-war movement, and has undertaken fact-finding peace missions to both Iraq – just weeks before the start of the illegal and immoral invasion – and to Israel and Palestine, where she witnessed the construction of the so-called ‘security wall’ and joined EU monitors observing the January 2005 Palestinian Presidential election. She is also a Co-President of the cross-party Peace Initiatives Intergrouop (click here for the Intergroup website). As an MEP she has also been able to demand answers and action from Government, ensure existing legislation is respected, and to promote the European Union’s role as a force for peace and human rights both within and beyond its borders. On this page you can find out about Caroline’s work on Peace and Human Rights. You can read about the achievements of Caroline and her colleague Jean Lambert (Green MEP for London) on ‘Peace and Human Rights’; you can can read about her work on Iraq and you can see details of Caroline’s work in influencing policy through her correspondence with European Commissioners and Government ministers. You might also wish to check the news pages for stories on Peace and Human Rights. (Read much more on her websites).

EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT: Caroline Lucas was first elected to the European Parliament as one of the Green Party’s first MEPs in June 1999 to represent the South East of England region, and re-elected with an increased vote share in 2004. Caroline is a member of the Committee for Trade, Industry, Energy and Research and the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy. She serves as Vice President of the Animal Welfare and Globlisation cross-party Intergroups, Co-President of the Peace Initiatives intergroup and is a member of the Parliament’s Permanent Delegation to Palestine.(Read all on her Biography-page).

Lucas and Mike Woodin co-authored the book Green Alternatives to Globalisation: A Manifesto (paperback ISBN 0-7453-1932-7, hardcover ISBN 0-7453-1933-5), published in 2004 by Pluto Press and a booklet against the single currency euro: The Euro or a Sustainable Future for Britain? 2000. (See on wikipedia).


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